Sunday, 28 January 2018


I've been having problems with the settings on my blog posts recently.

I find that when I read the odd (and I do mean odd) posts by Richard's alter egos (and Robert's) that I cannot post a comment. I can comment on Richard's main blog but not the secondary ones.

I know, I know, I hear you ...... "why would you be bothered even reading those let alone trying to comment.." but it's a long weekend, it's hot outside, we've had visitors so .... I needed something to do.

I've tried doing resets (and worry about losing all the important stuff i.e. my blog posts) and have even asked old Richard if his settings were OK. To be honest this is like Eddie The Eagle asking Mr Blobby for tips on Olympic skiing but, needs must.

"Hey Blobby. Which way is down?"

Richard couldn't help but one consolation is that being a OCD person this will nag him and he'll fiddle with his settings and maybe delete all his blogs again.

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  1. Our IT team have been checking things all night. Richard's Bass Bag* is a guarantee of quality.

    * the original bass bagging site